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Teacher Training Timetable
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Scroll down to see what classes are on which day.
Please note all classes are charged on a half termly basis
private lessons are paid for at the time of the lesson and can be for syllabus or contextual units..
as with all private lessons 48 hours notice must be given for cancellations or lessons must be paid for in full
Vocational grade and status exam coaching for Licentiate & Fellowship are also available on mornings mid week by appointment with various teachers,

please phone the office on 01708 783576 to discuss.





Bussell Studio
Astaire Studio
9:00-11:00 am DDE Modern (year 2 Class) 8:30-9:30 pm

Intermediate Tap

11:00-1:00 pm DDI Modern (year 1 Class)  
6:15-8:00 pm DDE Tap (year 1&2)  

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Bussell Studio
Astaire Studio
11:00-12:30am Adv 2 Ballet (syllabus) 9:00-11:00 am DDE Tap (year 1&2)
7:00-8:30pm Inter & Adv 1 Ballet (syllabus)    

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Bussell Studio
Astaire Studio
9:00-1:00 pm Private Lessons Contact Diana
Coaching on Advanced 1&2 in Tap And Modern
Boys Ballet-Intermediate, Advanced 1&2
3.30-4.45 pm Advanced 1 Ballet 11:00-12:00pm Pilates
7:45-9:15 pm Intermediate Ballet    

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Bussel Studio
Astaire Studio
8:30-10:00 am Adv 1 & 2 Ballet (freework) 9:00-10:30am

Intermediate Private lessons
Call to book

10:15-12:00 pm DDE Ballet (year 2) 10:30-12:00pm Intermediate Ballet
12:15-2:00 pm DDI Ballet (DDE yr2)    
3.30-4.30 pm Advanced 1 Modern    
5:15-6:15 pm Intermediate Modern    
6:15-7.45 pm DDE Modern year 2    
7:45-9:15 pm DDE Modern year 1 4:15-5:15pm Associate Disco

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Bussell Studio
Astaire Studio
10:30 am

vocational grade coaching

Please enquire

9:30-10:30 am

Licentiate Fellowship Coaching

Please enquire



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