Adult Classes Timetable


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7:00pm Reserved for private lessons 8:45pm Adult Hip Hop/Street 7:15pm Beginners Ballet
8:30pm Ballroom & Latin Improvers & Intermediate Class and Social 9:30pm Finish 8:00pm Finish
10:30pm Finish    


Alex Moore Bussell
7:00pm Reserved for private lessons 8:15pm Advanced Ballet
8:30pm Ballroom & Latin Intermediate & Advanced Class and Social 9:15pm Finish
10:30pm Finish  


  11:00am Pilates  
  12:00pm Finish  


alex moore bussell astaire
8:00pm Sequence Class   7:00pm Adult Tap Experienced/Advanced
9:00pm Finish   7:45pm Adut Tap Improvers
    8:30pm Adult Tap Beginners
    9:15pm Finish


7:30pm Adult Ballroom & Latin Beginners Class    
8:30pm Line Dancing    
10:30pm Finish    

Reserved for private lessons

We provide private lessons in Ballroom, Latin american, Disco, Salsa, Modern, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, ISTD Teacher Training, Wedding Couples first dance and if you want to learn something not listed here still give us a call. You'll be surprised what we have been asked to teach in the past!


This space is used for booking private lessons. There are other spaces also available during the day time Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings all booked through your teacher. If you're interested in booking a private lesson and have not had one before, give us a call and we will arrange for a teacher to phone you.

Private lessons are between £17 and £25 per half hour depending on teacher and level of class.

Please remember you are booking to have private lesson with a teacher and that sometimes there are other teachers using the studio who are also having a lesson. If you require to have your lesson with no other teachers on the floor then an additional surcharge may apply. It may not be possible to accomodate such an arrangement, it does depend on bookings, just ask your teacher.


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Ballroom/Latin Social Evenings


Our social evenings are two hour sessions which take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. The format for both evenings is the same with a lesson at either improver or medallist standard, during the first hour. Then during the second hour music is played covering all the Ballroom and Latin dances for you to practice to or you can have refreshments and just catch up with friends.

There are usually two classes running during the lesson, one which is aimed at the more experienced dancer in which we teach figures of silver and above including variations. The other for the beginner/improvers with a little knowledge of all the dances (enough to get around the floor).


The whole evening is £10.00 for the two hours or you can come just for the lesson or practice for £8.50 per hour.

Your teachers on Monday are Diana and Mark

Your teachers on Tuesday are Charles, Debbie

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Adult Ballet

For the adult who is looking for a different kind of exercise, we have two standards of Ballet class. The beginners/improvers class will take you through the basics of Ballet and build on the technique as the weeks progress (45 minute class).The experienced class is aimed at grade 6 and above (1 hour class). You will be learning Ballet steps from the exercises at the barre to centre work including port de bras (arm movements), Adage (slow movements) and Allegro (jumping movements).
You will also have the opportunity to take exams (see your teacher).
Don't panic, it's not compulsory!

The hour class is £8.50 per person.
The 45 minute class is £7.50

The Class is now held in The Bussell Studio one of our new studios with sprung beech floors.



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Salsa and Argentine Tango



Not currently running call to find out when next course starts

We will take you through the basics of Salsa /Argentine Tango up to some simple variations. You don't need a partner to come along, but if you can persuade your man, ladies, we guarantee they will have a good time. It is a partner dance and we will partner people up at the class or you may get to dance with one of the teachers.
We are asked "what do we wear?". Anything comfortable that you can move in. All we ask is that the ladies wear a strapped shoe with a slight heel and the gentlemen wear normal shoes. Trainers are not suitable for Salsa as they restrict your movement and can be a bit sticky on the maple floor.

Come along and find out what are the three S's of Salsa.

It's a one hour class and is £8.50 per person.

Your teachers for Salsa/Argentine Tango are Charles and Diana.



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Adult Disco/Street/Freestyle/Hip Hop

Classes for Beginners and Experienced.

The warm up is a general aerobic style warm up with maintenance stretches. You then learn a dance routine, the style of which is dictated by the style of pop music used that week. This could be R'n'B, Street, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk etc.

What to wear:
Leggings and leotard or tracksuit, anything that you can comfortably move in. Jazz shoes, preferably as trainers do tend to stick to the maple floor.


Hour classes are £8.50 per person.

Your teacher is Natalie


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Adult Ballroom and Latin Beginners


Have you watched "Strictly Come Dancing" and felt inspired to dance ?

This class is specifically aimed at beginners or anyone wanting to refresh their basic figures in Ballroom and Latin American dancing. You are not tied to a specific number of weeks to learn the basics. It is a progressive class which adds figures to each of the dances at an easy pace, waltz, quickstep, tango, social foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba, jive, salsa and others. When you and the teacher feel happy that you have the basic knowledge and want to move on, then you could try either of our Social Evenings which will add further figures to your repertoire. You don't need a partner to come along but if you can persuade your man ladies, we guarantee they will have a good time too. Latin and Ballroom dances are couple dances so we will partner people up for the class or you may get to dance with one of the teachers.

You can join at any time but best if it coincides with the start of a new dance, please call to check.


It's a one hour class and is £8.50 per person.

On Friday your teacher is Charles.



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Adult Line Dancing


This class will take you through the classic Country 'n Western line dances that started the whole line dance craze off, as well as learning new line dances from one of the foremost experts in the field of line dancing. It's suitable for seasoned line dancers.

This class is a two hour session and is £7.00 per person.

Your teacher is Charles.



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Adult Tap

Adult tap for beginners and experienced tappers.

All the adult tap classes have been moved to Thursday evening
The classes are built on free work, to build on technique and usually the latter part of the class we work on a dance routine which is added to each week. For those interested in ISTD Popular Tap Test exams please see your teacher for details.
Don't panic, you don't have too!


The classes are now held in the Astaire studio at our studios

All classes are 45 minutes long and are £7.50 per person

Your teacher is Natalie.

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Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness.

By doing Pilates exercise, people find that they become stronger, longer, leaner, and more able to do anything with grace and ease, its a great compliment to dance classes as your posture improves.

Classes are on Wednesday mornings at 11:00am

Each course is 6 weeks and there are 2 per term so you can sign up for a 6 week or 12 week course.

There are limited places on each course so please call


The class is held in the Bussell Studio
The Class in 1 hour and is £9.50 per person per class (6 week course £57)


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